Haven is the district of the Worldheart where most good and neutral-aligned creatures can be found. Buffered by the Legal Ward and the Champion’s Ward, it is a well-protected sanctuary for creatures of light and life. To be within Haven’s walls is to know protection. Small disputes and scuffles erupt from time to time within the district, but for the most part Haven is just that.

Notes on Haven:

  • Various good and neutral deities of less martial aspects find their temples located within Haven. The unofficial medical ward of the Worldheart sits within Haven’s walls, with many deities of healing represented among the mixed ecclesiastic institutions of Haven.
  • A truly dizzying array of creatures can be found in Haven, with humanoids of all varieties, some monstrous humanoids, and even a few fey sighted regularly on the streets. There is a saying in the Worldheart that sums this fact up: “if it’s not found in Haven, it’s not to be found.”


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