The Obsidian Hold


The Obsidian Hold is a bastion of negative energy unlike any other. Within the hold, all manner of evil beings reside, especially the undead. The center of the Hold is a magnificent ebon spire, reaching hundreds of feet into the air, known as the Obsidian Tower. The Tower is rumored to be populated with even worse things than the rest of the district at large, from great and powerful undead to beings of pure negative energy.

Suffice to say, most residents of the Worldheart never set foot in this damned place, and none who have any control over their fates would elect to…except the brave and the foolhardy.

Notes on the Obsidian Hold:

  • Deities of death, destruction and shadow find their worshipers in the Obsidian Hold. A notable exception is any deity which reviles the undead, such as Kelemvor or Falcren. Obviously, the Hold’s residents look dimly on such divine forces.
  • Despite the assumption that frequent raids are made out of the Hold to abduct living beings from other districts, the Obsidian Hold’s officials insist that they subsist through arcane and alchemical means alone.
  • A few beings from the Obsidian Hold do find themselves settling in other portions of the city, including a class of “reborn” undead known as necropolitans. These twice-born creatures are ones who, for whatever reason, have undergone a ritual to make them into a sentient undead being. They are often treated with suspicion and loathing at best.

The Obsidian Hold

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