The Champion's Ward


The Champion’s Ward is the section of the Worldheart that most organizations of good call home. Lined with temples to various deities from across the realms, monasteries of secular orders, and all manner of other institutions, the Champion’s Ward is a shining bastion of protection for all those who wish it to be. Inhabitants of some of the other districts, such as the Obsidian Hold, see it as at best a force of oppression and tyranny and at worst utter anathema.

Notes on the Champion’s Ward:

  • Deities of valor, courage, protection, and other good-aligned deities (usually those with a martial bent) find their temples situated within the Champion’s Ward.
  • A friendly rivalry exists between several of the faiths of various more martial deities, such as Heironeous, Kord, and Mundael. It usually manifests in sparring matches and more organized tournaments, but out and out war between these faiths is unheard of.
  • Various lesser archons, guardinals and eladrin are known to roam the ward, but the greater celestial beings are only rarely seen, as a consequence of the uneasy truce that exists between the various forces in the Worldheart.

The Champion's Ward

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