Primordia is one of the less-populous wards of the Worldheart…by ‘civilized’ humanoid standards, anyway. In reality, it teems with more life than the rest of the Worldheart combined. It is a world of untamed might and savagery, where there is no law other than survival. Creatures unseen on many planes for millennia roam the forests, rivers and mountains of Primordia, and if one squints hard enough they might see things that have been forgotten by all but the gods themselves. It is a place of wonderment and magic, but also of near-unparalleled danger.

Notes on Primordia:

  • Primordia is home to many groups of “savage” humanoids, including extensive lizardfolk and wild elf populations. There are even rumors that small groups of beings such as the Talenta halflings of Eberron and a jungle-dwelling species of dwarf roam the wilds.
  • Many beasts and magical beasts can be found in this ward, from the smallest of exotic insects to great mammoths and dinosaurs. A parabiologist could spend an elf’s lifetime and only scratch the surface of its biodiversity.
  • Temples to various deities of travel, nature and the elements can be found throughout Primordia as “waypoints” for travelers, and to allow those worshipers the closest connection to their gods possible on the plane.
  • Some legends hold that the tarrasque itself may be found, deep in the heart of Primordia, but none have been brave enough to attempt to search for it.


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